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Some of you may have noticed a little gallery on the side of my wall that says Midas.
It was a planned story that I was going to do with my brother, but fell out due to our personal lives intervening.

Here is what we had for the story.

World undergoes massive desertification as global warming, causes all water in the world to evaporate.

Half of the world population dies.
Humanity evolves to live without it.
Humans gain a special organ which converts the oxygen from sand into water inside the body by eating. This is possible because of the silica found it(silicon dioxide, or SiO2).

Map inspired by…

Massive land grab from warlords emerge.
Strange crystals soon form as a result of no water.
These crystals immediately dissolve anything into its basic mineral properties when in base contact, except silver.

Think civilization reduced in numbers, but not by technology.

Story takes place in what is now known as the Deep Frontier or the middle of what was once the pacific ocean.

Main hero is an older gentleman named Midas, age 23.

For story purposes (no spoilers) Midas's flesh has obtained the same properties as these crystals and can now melt away anything he touches, like sand slipping through his fingers.

Midas is a traveler and the main plot of the story is his journey to find out how he obtained this gift.
Along the way he meets everyone from the song This Is War. One of the last memories of his past.

The Soldier - Jack
A former fighter, he now fights as a high ranking soldier, because he didn't believe gladiatorial combat gave his life any purpose. His prized position is a pair of silver gauntlets lined with crystals that he won from his arena days.

The Civilian - Esmerelda
Uses a silver knife with a crystal blade to create beautiful works of art on rocks. She sells them to make a living.

The Martyr - Abigail
Midas's family member (spoilers).

The Victim - Helen
Someone who was not born with the special organ.

The Prophet - Zyz'zilee'ope
A woman with unknown origins who thinks by using the "council" in her head to decide.

The Liar - Rado
The younger twin and an excellent cook.

The Honest - Sado
The older twin and an excellent cook.

The Leader - Rachael
Leader of small gang

The Pariah - Khamun
A former dictator, a former king, a former warlord, and now a former civilian.

The Victor - Darren
The king of Atlantica (the former Atlantic ocean)

The Messiah - (spoilers)
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October 3, 2013
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